Shambhala Visión was the first resort to be built on Zipolite Beach in the early 1970s, as a place for the era’s Hippies and Flower Children to visit. Travelers would traverse the empty beach and discover at the end of it the resort. Word of mouth brought people from around the world to Shambhala. At the time, the founder Gloria understood that this part of the beach was very special. She recognized what would become the Meditation Hill, was a sacred space. Year after year, sacred ceremonies have been held in collaboration with native traditions. Unbeknownst to anyone, the hillside would later be identified in the early 2000’s by the University of Mexico as a seismological phenomenon that can be best described as an energy vortex.
A Message From Our Founder
  Imagine a far-off place   Somewhere in time   Where smiles warm   Like the rays of sunshine,   Together in a common dream,   Enjoying nature in all its splendor   Or simply sunbathing away the hours   In an enchanted setting.   A place where the pace you set   Is your own   And where there are no strangers.   Our Shambhala was found   In a hidden place way down deep   In southern Mexico.   Zipolite is its common name.   The Zapotec natives believe   That it’s an area where one can   Surrender oneself to nature’s forces   And be born again.   The breath of the great wind,   The never ending stars   Open you up.   Let yourself go.   Amor y Paz ~Gloria Esperanza