Over the years, Ziploite has gained trust in travelers as being safe from predators, violence, theft, and other such activity. Zipolite is a gorgeous, clean, quiet beach in the lush, tropical state of Oaxaca. The area has a mind of tranquility, and a hippy soul, with various healing modalities offered throughout. Travelers from every corner of the world visit here year-round to find solace, to write or work on their craft, to connect inward, and to unplug. The surrounding area may also be of interest. Puerto Ángel is a small coastal town about 10 minutes away from Zipolite. A variety of fresh fish are caught here every morning. There are a few larger markets for specific needs. San Pedro Portchutla, a nearby city, has an incredibly large, local, weekly street market. Some travelers end up staying with us for weeks or months at a time, and return annually. Here it is like a family gathering. We are simply living out A Continuation Of The Original Situation.